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If you’re newly engaged, you might feel like the hard part is over. You’ve found your perfect match, someone to have and to hold, somebody to love and grow old with. While it’s true, the biggest hurdle has been successfully vaulted, you’re by no means finished the race. You’ve got a wedding coming up, and that means planning, budgeting, tough decisions, and avoiding arguments as much as you can. But there’s one thing you may have forgotten, what do you buy your betrothed for the holidays? Well, never fear! For we have put together a list of the top 5 gifts to by your fiance or fiancee this year.


A Couple’s Day at the Spa

This is a timeless classic that’s never a bad idea. Women love it, and rather surprisingly, men love it too. It’s something you can both do together, and it’s a different take on the classic concept of a date. Most spas have special deals on couple’s packages, so book yours in advance and enjoy being pampered!


Staying Fit Together

If you’re about to have a wedding, then chances are both you and your partner are working out as much as you can, and dieting as well. You both want to look your absolute best when your wedding day comes around, so that makes buying exercise equipment for each other a fantastic idea! Plus, you won’t have to worry about sending the wrong message if you buy a gift you both can use. Whether it’s equipment for the home, or a gym membership, working out together will help you both stay motivated to fit into that wedding attire.


A Night on the Town

Whether it’s a comedy club, a nightclub, a trendy pub, or an art gallery, picking something you both love to do and making a night of it is a fantastic gift idea. You can both chip in for a nice hotel, go out and have dinner at that restaurant you’ve both been dying to try, and enjoy the experience of a night on the town.


A Scenic Road Trip

If you have the time to spare, taking a road trip to a fun destination is a great gift to get your beloved. Perhaps you both fancy a weekend at a cozy cottage by the lake? Or maybe a quaint bed and breakfast on the east coast? Similar to the trip you’re about to embark upon with your betrothed, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.


A Romantic Vacation

Call it a pre-honeymoon, but going away to an exotic destination with your partner before your wedding can be an incredible gift that you’ll both enjoy immensely. It will create lasting memories you’ll cherish forever and provide you both with an unforgettable experience. Maybe you’re itching to travel to a beach destination, or maybe something more active and polar like a winter resort? Whatever you choose, it’s hard to wrong with giving you and your partner the gift of a romantic vacation.


It’s All About Being Together

When it comes to getting a gift for your partner, the very best gift you can get them is something you can do together. It’s good for the relationship because it shows your partner that your best case scenario for any gift is one you share as a couple. It says that you’ll only enjoy something if you can share it with them.