September 7, 8 & 9, 2018

January 11, 12 & 13, 2019
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Wedding Limousine and Transportation

Arrive and depart in your luxury surroundings with the limousines and transportation to view at Canada’s Bridal Show.

Here’s your chance to make an entrance on your big day, by pulling up to your venue in one of the stately automobiles of your choosing. Elegant, sophisticated and purring like a lion, these vehicles make a real impression. They’ll look good in your photos, too!

The transportation professionals who feature here are an experienced bunch of dedicated service people who understand how to help your wedding run smoothly. Here you can view transportation options for your couple as well as all the guests.

The transportation on offer is a great choice if you’d rather your guests didn’t have to deal with the hassles of parking or want them to be able to get between accommodation and venue without trouble. The deals that can be found at Canada’s Bridal Show are available nowhere else.

With modern and vintage style vehicles available, the Rolls-Royce classics, and even Volkswagen buses available, there are few out there who won’t be able to find the transportation that suits their style and their needs.


If it’s a stretch-limo or a gloss-white carriage, Canada’s Bridal Show will have the wheels for you.

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