Become an exhibitor!

Become An Exhibitor

Join the hundreds of exhibitors that year after year present their products and services to thousands of committed brides.
Simply go to the Terms and Rates page to review or call us at 905 264 7000 to speak with us directly about your needs.

Click Here to download the Exhibitor Kit for SEPTEMBER 2015

Click Here to download the Exhibitor Kit for JANUARY 201

The floor plans


Each floor plan is prepared to maximize your exposure during the show.

Download the September 2015 Show Floor Plan Here

Download the January 2016 Show Floor Plan Here

Contracts & rates

Contract Form

It’s fast and easy to fill out. The exhibitor’s rental rates for each show are clearly shown on the contract as well. Don’t forget to include your payment upon submission in order to confirm your spot.

Download the September 2015 Contract here

Download the January 2016 Contract here

Call us at 905 264 7000 if you have any questions.

Supplier forms

Supplier Forms

The forms below are available to assist you in the arrangement of your booth for the SEPTEMBER 2015 Show:

Scanner Rental Form

– Stronco (Carpet, Tables, Chairs, etc.)

Showtech (Electrical Outlets, Lighting, Sign/Banner Hanging)

MTCC Order Forms(ie. Parking, Internet, Samples, etc.)

Move In/Move Out and Exhibitor Badges Information

– Exhibitor Services Business Centre Price List

– Signage/Booth Designs visit

– Hotel Reservations (Not available for September 2015)

 **Order forms for the JANUARY 2016 Show will be available in SEPTEMBER 2015.